PIG0311-GS (SHORT) Field Shooting Tripod, OD Green

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PIG0311-GS (SHORT) Field Shooting Tripod, OD Green

PIG0311-GS SHORT Field Tripod

"The Grunt of Tripods"

*PIG0311-GS tripod is sold as the tripod legs alone. A Saddle or Ball Head would be an additional purchase.*

The PIG0311-GS Field Shooting Tripod is based off of the budget friendly and capable SLIK DX700 PRO tripod. We partnered up with SLIK, and started putting together several prototypes with beefed up specs, tighter tolerances, and shooter specific features. After 8 months of testing , we came up with the PIG0311-GS Field Shooting Tripod. During testing, we used several .50 caliber rifles (Barrett M107 & McMillan Tac50) with great results from officer feedback and reported repeatable shot placement. Being unsure of what kind of garage cannon that might be placed on the tripod itself, we decided on a conservative 26 pound load rating. The PIG0311-GS was made specifically for coyote and deer hunters who primarily hunt from sitting and kneeling positions. This tripod packs smaller and sheds a pound of weight, compared to the standard PIG0311-G full size tripod model. If you don't anticipate taking a standing shot on an animal, then there is no need to carry a larger/heavier tripod. Pack light, pack smart. 

PIG0311-GS Short Field Shooting Tripod Features: 

  • The center column allows the shooter to get down to a 9.25” high prone position.
  • The center column can rotate a full 360°.
  • A removable, load bearing hook has been added to the bottom of the center column to hang weight.
  • The tripod’s feet incorporate interchangeable rubber or spiked feet (both included in the box)
  • A heavy-duty 26 pound load capacity.
  • Lightweight magnesium body with aluminum legs.
  • Three section extending legs with cam levers.
  • Lightweight nylon carry bag included.
  • Matte OD Green Finish.

PIG0311-GS Short Field Shooting Tripod Specs:

  • Max. Operating Height: 39.5 in. / 2.45 ft. 

  • Min. Operating Height: 9.25 in.

  • Folded Length: 19.75 in. / 1.64 ft. 

  • Max Center Column Extension: 5 in.

  • Weight: 4.75 lbs.

  • Max. Load Rating: 26 lbs.

  • Leg Sections: 3

  • Leg Lock Type: User Adjustable Cam Levers

  • Center Column Type: 360 Degree Rotation

  • Leg Tip: Interchangeable Spiked & Rubber Feet

  • Mounting Thread: Interchangeable 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 Threads


 Made in Thailand. 




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  • 5
    Tripod short pig0311-gs

    Posted by James on 15th Feb 2022

    Great pod with good controls. Sturdy and lightweight and easily packed. The short is perfect for ground blind hunting or shooting from a sitting position.

  • 5

    Posted by Gary on 18th Jan 2022

    Nice heavy duty tripod.

  • 5
    Great Product for Glassing and Shooting

    Posted by Ken on 30th Sep 2021

    If you are going to spend long periods sitting on a hillside glassing, this solid platform is essential. If you put a quality ball head on it, it only takes seconds to switch between bino holder to spotting scope. When it comes time to shoot, the switch to the Hog Saddle is just and fast. This tripod provides the necessary platform to shoot the maximum effective range of your weapon with no wobble. The weight seems like a lot right up until you are at full power on your scope and squeezing the trigger, at which point you are thankful for every ounce of weight and the solid structure of this tripod.

  • 5
    Short Pig Tripod

    Posted by KY on 24th Aug 2021

    These tripods are sturdy and stable. I have a short and long one, they are the best tripods I own. Combined with the Hog Saddle makes a very stable shooting platform, capable of surgical accuracy. These guys make good stuff!!!

  • 5
    Short Tripod

    Posted by Edward Sheppard on 20th Apr 2021

    As with every item I've purchased from Hog Saddle, this tripod is well built and first rate.

  • 5
    Built like a brick sh1thouse, rugged like an MRAP!

    Posted by Ol' Marine Lead Dealer on 22nd Oct 2020

    What can be added which wasn't been said already? This is one helluva overbuilt, steady, solid, and sturdy tripod. This puppy can easily serve You as a backup weapon! lol

  • 5
    PIG0311 SHORT Tripod

    Posted by Arch on 7th Aug 2020

    This is awesome. Fits perfectly into the side pockets of Eberlestock Half Track, and is as rock solid as the original size PIG Tripod. Highly recommend this tripod.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by Dan Niemeier on 12th Dec 2019

    I have this and the longer tripod. I tend to take this more often. As long as you don't need a standing shot then this is the tripod you want. This is a great system for youth shooters/hunters.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jul 2019

    This tripod is perfect for prone to sitting to kneeling.

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