PIG0311-G Field Shooting Tripod, OD Green

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A removable, load bearing hook, has been added to the bottom of the center column to hang weight, such as a backpack, greatly increasing tripod stability for

PIG0311-G Field Tripod

"The Grunt of Tripods"

*PIG0311-G shooting tripod is sold as the tripod legs alone. A Saddle or ball head would be an additional purchase. 


The PIG0311-G Field Shooting Tripod is based off of the budget friendly, yet capable, SLIK PRO 700 DX tripod. We partnered up with SLIK, and started putting together several prototypes with beefed up specs, tighter tolerances, and shooter specific features not normally readily available in most tripod systems. Eight months of testing later, we came up with the PIG0311 Field Shooting Tripod. During testing, we used several .50 caliber rifles (Barrett M107 & McMillan Tac50) with great results resulting from officer feedback and reported repeatable shot placement. Being unsure of what kind of garage cannon that might be placed on the PIG0311-G tripod, we decided to stick with a conservative 26 pound load rating. This no-nonsense field tripod was designed for the active outdoorsman. Our PIG0311-G and -GS(Short) Field Tripods were meant to get dirty, be thrown in trucks, and be used outside. Paired with a direct mounted HOG Saddle® or PIG Saddle®, this shooting tripod can do almost anything the more expensive tripod kits can do, but at a fraction of the cost to the shooter.


*Our GNN FB-52 ball head is a great match with the PIG0311-G, for shooters looking to get a little more flexibility out of their tripod shooting system and gun rest.



  • The short center column allows the shooter to get all the way down to a 11.5” high prone position.
  • A removable, load bearing hook has been added to the bottom of the center column to hang weight, such as a backpack. The added weight will greatly increase tripod stability.
  • The center column can fully rotate 365°. This is a great feature for those who intend to direct mount a PIG Saddle® or HOG Saddle® gun rest to the PIG0311-G tripod.
  • The tripod’s feet incorporate interchangeable rubber or spiked feet. (Yes, the spiked feet are included)
  • A heavy duty 26 lbs load capacity, but don’t be surprised if you see Barrett 50 cal’s being employed our PIG0311 tripod shooting system.
  • Lightweight magnesium body with aluminum legs. 
  • Three section extending legs with cam levers.   
  • Lightweight nylon carry bag included.
  • Finished off in flat OD Green.


CENTER COLUMN TYPE 365 Degree Rotation
LEG TIP Interchangeable rubber or spikes


*Made in Thailandhogsaddle-warcry-graphic-grey.png

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  • 5

    Posted by Red1 on 3rd Dec 2020

    My first tripod for rifle shooting but I love it.

  • 5

    Posted by Justin roberts on 30th Nov 2020

    Excellent tripod worth every penny . I use this tripod to coyote hunt with at night . Don’t know why I waited so long to purchase . Rock solid with out a doubt the best I’ve seen . Only two dislikes 1st metal is cold to carry so I wrapped the upper portion of the legs with vet wrap simple fix . 2nd when going from stand to stand I don’t collapse the legs down and I leave my gun attached . I carry both across my shoulders and neck . The legs clink and clang together at the bottom so I put three pieces of pipe insulation around the feet before the spikes problem solved . This item deserves more than 5 stars . Quality is outstanding . Stability is second to none . 100x better than any tripod that my friends have .

  • 5
    I am very satisfied with this tripod. It is very solid and well made product. Well worth the money...

    Posted by Sebastian on 26th Oct 2020

    Also, the customer service is great. Everything is 5 start. I would definitely buy more products from them.

  • 5
    Holy cow this thing is ROCK SOLID

    Posted by Neil Fernandes on 15th Oct 2020

    I am not sure what I was expecting when i bought this tripod... but when it arrived... as soon as I opened the box BAMM!! In your face excellence. I build and paint firearms for friends and i plan on using this not only to shoot from because it is so solid... but I also plan to use it for display. Clearly it was built for the end user in mind and not just for the fashion scene many buy gear for.... but man... This tripod also looks amazing! I cant wait to use this in my weekly podcast and live stream to show off my gear and firearms. One negative "ish" thing that for me is also a positive... Its a bit heavy.... so packing it to and from shoots and hunts may be a bit of a chore. But having said that... its this same weight that makes it such a great and solid tripod. Thank you for building such a "solid" piece of kit. (pun intended)

  • 5

    Posted by Eric Ziegler on 9th Oct 2020

    My PRS rig is 24 lbs, this rig has zero issues. Good value.

  • 5
    PIG0311 Tripod

    Posted by Mike on 11th Sep 2020

    I have owned a couple high end tripods and I will be the first to say that the Pig0311 is better then them in every single way. I am very glad I made this choice. I gets 5 starts from me for everything. Appearance, strength, weight, size. It's just all around great.

  • 5
    Outstanding piece of kit

    Posted by Robert Council on 15th Aug 2020

    Bought this to start shooting longer ranges with my carbine. Once I get my ball head I’ll be able to walk out to 4-500m more easily. This is such an amazing product that doesn’t break the bank getting started, or staying into, precision shooting. I truly couldn’t be happier buying from a fellow vet that started a small business. Thanks brother!!!!

  • 5
    Awesome product

    Posted by Smitty on 30th Jul 2020

    This tripod works great without breaking the bank. I’ve been able to engage targets from the kneeling out to 1030 yards with it so far. Going to see if we can take it farther!

  • 5
    Great tripod for use with HOG saddle

    Posted by Peter D on 3rd Jun 2020

    This is my second tripod - I own a Leupold carbon tripod for use with a Leupold Mark 4 spotter and while that tripod is fine for the spotting scope, the PIG0311 is far more substantial. I would not use the other tripod as a shooting platform, but this tripod is excellent. I do not use an articulating head - the HOG saddle direct mounts and works well. Excellent price point - I see no need to spend $1000 on Really Right Stuff products.

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