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Tripod & Ball Heads

  • The best bang for the buck regarding 41 lbs load rating & overall weight.
    $165.95 Choose Options Feisol CB-50D Ball Head
     Feisol CB-50D Ballhead  with (FREE) QP-144750 Release Plate   *Compatible with the dual bolt DP-60R quick release plate.     The CB-50D Ballhead with QP-144750...

  • GNN FB-52 Ball Head
    $169.00 Choose Options GNN FB-52 Ball Head
    GNN FB-52 Ball Head   The best bang for the buck, 44 lbs load rating & 1.48 lbs overall weight. *Includes One FREE DP-60R Quick Detach Plate, $20 value. The dual mounting bolt design is a superior, zero...