PIG Skins Barricade Pad

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PIG Skins Barricade Pad

PIG Skins Barricade Pad

"A Shot is Rarely Taken from the Prone"


The NEW Enhanced Version is now able to ergonomically contour

around smooth & cylinder shaped forends. Still retains forward/aft rigidness.  

The HOG Saddle PIG Skins replace a shooter’s need to drag around a sand sock while firing from expedient, elevated positions, such as hard cover and barricades. Our rifle skid pad is designed to reduce the effects of recoil while firing from hard surfaces. This also better enables a shooter the ability to load into their rifle, due to the added grip surface of the barricade pad. Keep your scope on target, for better tracking of bullet placement, and for rapid follow-up shots.

    • Economic design and price point
    • Made of a recoil reducing urethane that is extremely UV resistant (same material used on our HOG & PIG Saddle units)
    • High quality, time tested Velcro brand used
    • Comes with two extra Velcro loop adhesive pads that easily adhere to any stock finish
    • Manufactured in the USA with American materials
    • War Veteran owned small business


 Available in two sizes:

6” x 1.5"

4.5" x 1.5"




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  • 5
    Excellent shooting accessory.

    Posted by stanley908@hotmail.com on 15th May 2020

    I run in NRL 22 practical shooting competition. I added this to the bottom of my favorite Match Rifle and it's immensely helpful. Next to my bipod is probably my most useful piece of equipment on the rifle. I really love it. How to keep the right both stable and grip on even and odd surfaces like barricades

  • 5
    Hard on Soft

    Posted by Ryan on 8th Nov 2018

    A rifle stock is an investment. We spend time and money waiting for them to be cut to our desired spec for a hunt, competition at +$700. The for less than $20s you can stabilize your reticle with hard on soft contact, and protect your equipment. Multiple sections of Velcro can make swapping from rifle to rifle easy. Thin and not over bearing in size.

  • 5
    Awesome product!!

    Posted by Warren Martin on 30th Jul 2018

    This is an awesome product and made of very high quality materials!

  • 5
    Great barricade pad

    Posted by Andrew on 17th Apr 2018

    I have a total of 4 pig skin barricade pads and they all are used. My main skin is on my PRS rifle and it's held up well though all the abuse I give it on my matches. has a lot of grip to lock in on a barricade. plus, when using a barricade bag, game changer/solo sack, it gives it extra stick to the bag and that's helpful.
    thanks again

  • 5
    A must have product!

    Posted by Rick Miller (HOG) on 21st Mar 2018

    Have used these for years and have them on several sticks. Everything from .22cal to my 300wm. Personal and work... Excellent product for both performance and protection....If your not rocking Pig Skin, Your wrong!

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by nick on 30th Jun 2017

    Must have. Fast shipping and good people

  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Tony palzkill on 27th Mar 2017

    Eliminates the hard to hard contact. The rifle doesn't bounce when fired from a hard surface. It works better then advertised. I was skeptical at first but now have them on all my rifles.

  • 5
    PIG Skins Barricade Pad

    Posted by W. J. Tutwiler, Jr on 14th Dec 2016

    Pig Skins Barricade Pads are the best thing since sliced bread! I have them on five rifles, and tried to mount one on a Remington 700, with the rubberized stock, but the pad wouldn't stick to it. I don't know if you can damage a Remington rubberized stock, but I thought that replacing the Barricade Pads periodically, would be less expensive than replacing the Remington stock. But the Pads would not stick to the rubberized stock, at all. I can use that pad on another rifle, when it's pad needs replacing. The Hog Vice works great, as well. Put the rifle in the jaws, and its there until you loosen the vice. Splendid device, sitting or standing!

  • 5
    Essential Equipment for Barricade Shooting

    Posted by Will on 26th Feb 2016

    The pig-skin is a great product. It obviously installs easily and the 6" version fit my Magpul Hunter 700 stock like it was built for it. Its combination of just the right material and just the right softness lends to the tacky feel you get that allows you to load forward or rearward with more force than you would think it would allow. I guess the Hog Saddle guys have cracked the code on getting the perfect friction coefficient out of a material. It doesn't seem like it will degrade or wear easily either. Shipped super fast as well. Great kit with the added bonus of supporting a vet owned company!

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